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Hale Pai
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`Aukake - August 1996 Volume 2 Issue 8

 Puget Sound Outrigger Canoe Clubs

They have a club in Silverdale (Hui Heihei Wa'a), one in Everett, and now the South End is planning to start its own club.

On Wednesday, July 24, a group of locals met at the home of Bill and Sharmayne Chilling to brainstorm about forming a new canoe club. The first meeting was a success, with lots of suggestions on how to raise money to purchase one, or maybe two, of the fiberglass canoes. The excitement was contagious, with former paddlers reminiscing about the clubs back in Hawai'i.

Interest in paddling is growing rapidly and before too long, we may be seeing outrigger canoe competitions out on Puget Sound. Who knows, maybe the Puget Sound clubs will be racing against former team members back in Hawaii at the annual outrigger canoe races.

If you would like more information on the South End club, call either Barry Tam-Hoy (206-952-4887) or the Schillings at 206-874-5875.

For more information on the Silverdale Club, call Moana Huddy at 360-692-5032.

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