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Hale Pai
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`Aukake - August 1996 Volume 2 Issue 8

 Honolulu Stadium

Where Hawai'i Played

by Arthur H. Suehiro, Watermark Publishing

For anyone born before the 1970's in Hawai'i, the glory days of Honolulu Stadium bring back wonderful memories of a time gone by: the wooden bleachers, the grassy field, the crack of the bat, the raucous cheers of football fans. All this and more has been captured by Arthur Suehiro in his beautiful Honolulu Stadium. The book is a coffee table pictorial that traces the history of the stadium from its conception by J. Ashman Beaven and construction in 1926 through its heyday to its demolition in 1976 and consequent reincarnation as Old Stadium Park.

It's all here: the wonderful days of club baseball; the excitement of the war years when great major league players, in military service, played; the never-to-be-forgotten thrill of high school football rivalries; visits by stars like Elvis; and rodeo and horse events. Author Suehiro combed archives and personal collections for pictures and memorabilia. He interviewed people whose lives were touched by the stadium, and whose lives touched the thousands who came as spectators to the stadium. In fact, one of the strengths of this book is the interviews with old sports stars, cheerleaders, announcers, etc. These are interspersed with the text and pictures (including pictures of the people in their time of fame), and are a real treat.

This book is not only a must for fans of local sports, but especially for anyone who sat in those bleachers, cheered their teams, ate the boiled peanuts, sang the songs. In short, if you were there, or if you want your children to have at least a feel of what it was like, you need this book.

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