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Hale Pai
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`Aukake - August 1996 Volume 2 Issue 8

 `Ukulele Stylings #2

“Hidden Treasures”

`UKULELE STYLINGS #2 is a collection of instruments by the best of Hawai`i's hidden musical treasures.

ANGELA has played and studied `ukulele since her early childhood. Trained in the art of the `ukulele by master Ohta San, Angela's musical virtuosity is brilliantly displayed in the song's Tiko Tiko and Brazil.

GORDON MARK is a well-known favorite among `ukulele aficionados, and with `UKULELE STYLINGS #2 he makes his recording debut.

AL CANOPIN has performed with both Eddie Bush, Ohta San and Roy Sakuma. Here he bursts out from his accustomed place behind the scenes to take center stage as one of Hawai`i's most accomplished `ukulele players.

DINO GUZMAN was one of the original members of The Termites. Recorded for the first time on `UKULELE STYLINGS #2, Guzman's musicianship shines.

CHOOKIE PEREZ was a member of the Nu`uanau Brothers. Now Living in Guam, Chookie has developed a true “backyard-style” as evidenced in his own composition “Backyard Jam.”

SAM KAPU, JR. Is no stranger on the Hawaiian music scene. A popular disc jockey, “Crazy G” is his first `ukulele recording. Uncle Sam quips that he chose “Crazy G” because it's the only song he knows.

IMUA GARZA is the youngest artist on the CD. We discovered him jamming in the mall, and were stunned at such `ukulele virtuosity in a musician so young.

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