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Iulai-July 1996 Volume 2 Issue 7

Booklines Hawaii Wins Major Library Contract

Booklines Hawaii, Ltd. has signed an exclusive contract to provide Hawaii's State Libraries with Hawaiian books and audio visual materials originating in Hawaii and for titles relevant to Asia and the Pacific which are produced in Japan, the Philippines and China. Booklines has entered into this agreement in partnership with Baker & Taylor, the 150 year old firm which is a primary supplier to schools, libraries and public institutions around the world.

This arrangement was prompted by the move in Hawaii State government to streamline n-house operations and cut costs. Jeff Swartz, Booklines Hawaii Vice President and General Manager, states, "This is an innovative partnership between State government and the private sector, an excellent example of our leaders striving to make government more efficient."

Established in 1992 , Booklines is Hawaii's largest distributor of Hawaiian books, postcards, stationary product and souvenirs. It was formed by a group of Hawaii based publishers who share an interest in insuring that the fast-growing Hawaii publishing community will be well served with strong distribution of its products. Booklines is headquartered on Oahu and has a staff of over 50 full time employees.

Booklines began fulfillment under the contract before June 1. In addition to being responsible for the procurement of Hawaiian materials, Booklines will also be responsible for preparing each title for the library shelves, including placement of special markings and cataloging services.

One of the biggest challenges will be in sourcing Hawaiian music product, as this will be a new and exciting product category for the company. Booklines will soon begin various marketing and outreach efforts designed to optimize placement of Hawaii originated titles in our libraries.

Baker & Taylor, headquartered in Charlotte, NC. will supply the library system with materials originating outside of Hawaii. Booklines will make every effort to assure that the library patron is well served. Under the new contract, the goal is to expand and make more complete each library's selection of Hawaiian books and audiovisual product.

For more information call Jeff Swartz at 808-676-0116 ext 202 or Claudia Cannon at ext 208.

Booklines Hawaii 94-527 Pauahi St. Waipahu Hawaii 96797  

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