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Hale Pai
Pacific American-News Journal

Iulai-July 1996 Volume 2 Issue 7


A Neglected Gift

by Kaleiola `akea

In ancient times a great civilization stood on a land called Mu. Those who lived on this peaceful land understood the forces of the universe, they named this power mana. The manipulation and utilization of these forces were common place. Mana was known as the life giving force that emanated from Akua (God), it fills all of space, mana is that, which all things are made off. In time the residents of Mu began to abuse this great gift of knowledge, they used mana to selfishly obtain earthly things, they also used the power in harmful ways. This misuse effected the elements, polluted the land, this caused mother earth to respond, and after a time, the earth forces sank the motherland of mankind beneath the blue Pacific.

Some of the "ancients" foresaw the signs of catastrophe to come, and sent men of wisdom to colonize in directions both east and west. Most of the remaining population perished, however, a few escaped to higher regions before the waters rolled in over the land. Those who made to the mountain tops, now found themselves on islands cut off by thousands of miles of open ocean. Two tribes, the Menehune and the Mu survived on what is now called Hawai`i.

Both tribes lived in perfect harmony, the Spirit of Aloha prevailed. There were no wars, because they followed the ways of the ancients, using mana only for the good of their fellowmen. Their code was, "hurt not, in thought, word and deed."

Thousands upon thousands of years passed before sea fearing Polynesians rediscovered this part of the motherland. When the larger Polynesians arrived, they were given no opposition by the kindly Mu and Menehune who were eventually pushed off their lands into the seclusion of the forest. Eventually, the warlike nature of the southerners proved to be to offensive to the "Ancient ones," they couldn't understand the need for human sacrifice, wooden gods (tikis), kapu system and war. One night the Mu and Menehune, with the exception of those of their race that had married with Polynesians, vanished never to be heard of again.

Fortunately, some of the knowledge of mana was passed on in part to a few of the Polynesian people who befriended the Mu and accepted the ways of aloha. As time moved on, those who were initiated, began to use the knowledge for political position and power. Many who had gained the knowledge of mana, passed on without revealing all their knowledge for fear of loosing their status of Kahuna nui, and thus, mankind once again lost to the forces of greed and power. When the first white settlers arrived in Hawai`i, the native population had already rebelled and discarded the dread "kapu system", and most kahuna had lost a major portion of their mana skills. This made it easy for the foreign missionaries to walk in with bible in hand and impose their own religion. The missionaries who came were not equipped to understand whatever truths still remained in their scripture, because they were not initiated and lacked the knowledge to unveiled the symbolism, so they translated the passages literally (a practice that continues today) which caused additional bewilderment amongst the islanders, and eventually caused many to lose the ability to make effective prayers.

Ka po`e kahiko (the people of old) did not require ceremony, or a temple to worship, they were in-turned to ho`okahi (oneness) with Akua (God). Akua created the land and all that was on it, therefore, the land was sacred, they treated that which we call"Mother Earth" with great respect. They understood that only man possessed a Divine spark or Uhane (soul), around which an encasing body is built composed of earth elements, brought together by Ha (Life Force). After a period this compound of elements wears out and returns to mother earth, setting the Divine Spark free. In time Akua provides a new set of elementary cells, forming a new hale (house) for the Uhane to return to the earth school, in order to continue on the growth path to ho`okahi (oneness). This process continues for many life times, until the Uhane is properly prepared to return to the source of all things, Akua.

The ancients of Mu referred to the workings of the Life force elements as Cahun, though the meanings have somewhat changed, we now have the word kahuna. In ancient Mu the word Ca meant four and hun means one, or four in one, depicted by a four pointed star, which described the minute particle or atom. Later, the four were names and called gods.

Men forgot that they were sons and daughters of Akua, thus their god-like powers were removed because of materlistic abuse. As mankind makes progress towards ho`okahi (oneness) these powers will begin to return.

Mana is a necessary ingredient to effective prayers, it is a force that effects creations when used in the proper form. A prayer without the necessary components is doomed to fall on "barren soil." A rapidity of words is far from being a prayer, it could even create negative results, and most often it reduces men to the level of baggers, who just issues words without substance. To have substance a prayer needs only to be said once, applying the correct mana from within, before it is sent.

Mana allows one to heal disease of any kind. It allows one to cure the cause of the disease as well, something over looked by todays medical profession. Curing only symptoms, allows for the symptoms to return in the future, often the cause may lay outside the physical body. Disease is the final attempt by the body to get your attention, to inform you that you have probably for years abused your body in some way. This abuse may have been in the form of improper lifestyle, thinking, food, environment , or work habits. Also hate, anger, and the inability to forgive, could individually or collectively work against you to bring about dis-ease.

Those who send out negative mana, find that it will return with a vengeance. In the old days, when things went wrong, the ancients would look to themselves and ask, "What did I do to create this situation?" To them, failing to learn from the negative situation or error was a even greater mistake. He knew that all that happened to him was a result of his past actions and/or thoughts. He would never point to others as a result of his losses. He would see the perpetrator of a negative event as an agent of Akua, who provides a lesson for his spiritual growth.

That which happens to a race of people comes as a direct result of their collective thoughts and actions, never from an outside source, even if it was an outside source that delivered the situation. The outside source was only that which carried the message for the people to become aware of past transgressions.

Many of the great masters like Buddha, Jesus and Moses have come to inform mankind that, "We reap what we sow." Since the beginning of history, all the "Great Masters" have spread the identical teachings of Mu. Often, after the Masters departure, men interested in wealth , power, and control of the masses, subvert the teachings of the Master, by writing "Holy Books" that insure their personal gain, yet claiming to deliver the teachings of the master. This has been a detriment to the spiritual growth of mankind. We were led to believe that only the priest possessed the Mana (power) to communicate with the supreme being. We were led away from the teachings that develop the inner man. We must return to the path of aloha and ho`okahi.

As men return to the old ways, and more embrace the teachings of ho`okahi, and understand the workings of mana, men will reach higher levels of consciousness. Men will become more physic, intuition will rise, and he will become more aware and sensitive to his environment. He will then learn to use mana for the good of mankind.

The term for mana takes on many different forms throughout the world. There are just as many names to describe the different types of mana or energies that fill our universe. There are many levels of mana. Good and evil are forces, or mana if you will. There are little difference between "good" and "evil" mana, mostly it's your prospective of the experience that makes it different. Inter-action with the different types of mana brings to us different experiences which helps to grow in the direction of ho`okahi. The majority of mankind in their quest for materialism, are wondering aimlessly in the "wilderness", giving no real purpose to life. It will be through mana that we get "bumped" back on track. A loved one is killed in an accident, we lose all our earthly possessions in a natural disaster, or a child disappears, these events come about to get our attention to crease whatever it is that we are doing, that causing us to move in the wrong direction. For most, our losses come time and time again, but we gain no wisdom from the experiences, instead we look around for someone else to blame.

Not all of our hardships are stemmed from actions we create in the present life time, often we bring some unresolved problems from a previous lifetime. We sometimes create problems that takes the Uhane (Soul) many lifetimes to resolve. The ancients say that the Uhane chooses to be born into a family that will provide the necessary experiences for further growth. That we must experience life times in all the different races.

The Uhane grows towards ho`okahi through mana exchange between the Unihipili (lower physical self) and Aumakua (God-like self). This growth can only take place during incarnation on Honua (Earth).

The "Gift of Mana" is not a mystery, only forgotten knowledge. It was not given only to the Kahuna, it was given to all. Na kanaka (men) will in time, come together to walk a path which fosters, the brotherhood of men and the fatherhood of Akua (God). With accomplishment, he won't need to look to governments for material handouts, or protestin the streets about that which was taken or denied him, he will create his needs with his own mana, for all things have been provided to mankind, if he only takes the time to utilize the mana within his being.

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