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Hale Pai
Pacific American-News Journal

Iulai-July 1996 Volume 2 Issue 7

Models That Work

by David Cooper, PAF

Health conferences held within the past year in San Francisco and Honolulu confirm that more needs to be done in health research for Pacific Americans.

Because of the work by many people, a major step was achieved for all Pacific Americans just by the holding of the conferences.

Now, we must once again move forward in providing for a much improved health care system for all Pacific Americans living in the islands and on the mainland.

A community empowered model of health care, designed in cooperation with health care providers and practitioners, federal and state health agencies and private foundations is just the next step.

The Bureau of Primary Health Care recognized, in its first annual "Models That Work" Symposium held in Washington, DC in January 1996, the 110 health care delivery models that benefited the underserved populations in our country.

Pacific Americans were invisible at this Symposium.

It's time to get to work once again.

We believe we have made an inroad to high tech research.

It is time for high touch health care that is appropriate to the cultural values, beliefs, and traditions of Pacific Americans.

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