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Hale Pai
Pacific American-News Journal

Iune-June 1996 Volume 2 Issue 6

 Pacific American Hawaiian and Samoan Students On Journey To Moloka`i

Six students from River Ridge High School located in Lacey, Washington just 10 minutes from the state capital Olympia have been selected to participate in The Moloka Journey: Summer 1996, August 25 - 30.

This journey to the island of Molokai for our young people is to experience the pleasures of growing up like our parents and grandparents in the Hawaiian Island Style.

About a year ago River Ridge student Rosi Laronal attended a mini concert of Brothers Noland and Tony Conjugacion at Edmonds Community College, Edmonds, Washington. Noland asked Rosi and her sister Kapiolani to dance a couple of hula numbers. Melissa Ponder of the Center for Equity and Diversity had arranged for this concert fundraiser and get together.

Rosi got to talk story with Noland and Tony. Both brothers work at Kalihi-Palama Settlement a youth center in Kalihi. Noland and Tony teach Native Hawaiian culture and arts to help youth develop self esteem. She asked if they would visit River Ridge and talk story with the kids about how kids in Hawai`i deal with growing up and being a person of color. Talking story was a success.

As a result the Moloka`i Journey was born. The questions asked were straight forward. Living on the mainland we can not experience the true culture of Hawai`i, being close to the aina, the land. The students with the help of Liddell and Associates (who is in charge of this project) the students are responsible for fundraising the cost of their round trip airfare tickets to Hawai`i. Their parents are asked not to provide the money.

The Moloka`i Journey will be `auana - to travel and discover, especially from the ocean. Learning to feed yourself with skills in the ocean will bring pride and confidence. The classroom and facility will be at Mo`omomi, Moloka`i (northwest side of the island). History and Hawaiian values will preempt and rule the students from the time they get up to the time they go to sleep. River Ridge students will be joined by students from Oahu high schools, twenty in all for this first journey.

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