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Hale Pai
Pacific American-News Journal

Kepakemapa - September 1996 Volume 2 Issue 9


Kahuli I ka lani mahope a mamua

“Song of the Ancient Ocean”

This phrase is used in astronomy to explain the function of the planetarium sky as it is “turned back” --- in this case, two thousand years ago to the era of the initial investigative journeys into the vast Pacific Ocean by the early progenitors of the kanaka maoli (indigenous people).

One of Polynesia's noted and famous ancestors from this era was Maui. As navigators, Maui and his family members ventured forth on their sailing canoes to explore and discover new lands throughout the expansive waters recognized by them as Ka Moana Kahiko (The Ancient Ocean).

“Turning Back The Sky - Kahuli I ka lani mahope a mamua” commemorates Hale Naua III's 19th Anniversary. Our culture, a continuous, living, breathing, and ever progressing entity travels through space and time accompanied by “all that came before”. Through the many diverse stories told by this multi-medium exhibit, we have “turned back the sky” to the beginning of the First Millennium---our aim is to empower the seeker with the knowledge to journey forward. The thoroughly contemporary, conceptual mo`olelo, created by this formidable group of artists, not only gives credence to a history forever anchored in time but also confirms the fact that as artists they continually set the precedence for excellence in combining mastered techniques and application with research of cultural knowledge.

Rocky Ka`iouliokahihikolo`ehu Jensen,


Hale Naua III, Society of Hawaiian Arts

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