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Hale Pai
Pacific American-News Journal

Kepakemapa (September) 1996 Volume 2 Issue 9

 Native Hawaiian Vote led by “gadoots”

by Samuel Kealoha, Trustee, Moloka`i and Lana`i

One more time, for those who have missed the canoe and are still confused concerning the “plebiscite/Native Hawaiian Vote,” and the reasons why this is a fraudulent SCAM!

“Fair, Open and Democratic” is an outright lie, the facts are clear, the outcome has been predetermined.

“Voting” Binds our people to the state's process. It is to block any future attempts of our people in resolving the “sovereignty question.” International law expert, Professor Francis A. Boyle, of the University of Illinois at Champaign, has concluded that, by going forward with the OHA/HSEC'S scam, “the odds are quite high,” that we will be unjustly deprived of our right to a plebiscite or referendum, and thus ultimately deprived of our “rights to self determination” as required by international law and as recognized by the Apology Resolution.

In response to Prof. Boyle's mana`o, HSEC requested that Prof. Jon M. Van Dyke reply. It should be noted Prof. Van Dyke is a long time paid consultant to OHA. He asserts that the U.S. Indian model, and not international law, is applicable in this instance. In support of his position he cites his own law review article in which he concludes that through the “plebiscite” HSEC and OHA can become the new Native Hawaiian nation and that federal recognition would follow to “allow OHA and HSEC to deal with the state and federal government on a government-to-government basis.” In 1995, two federal bills were secretly introduced in the U.S. Congress for this purpose, unbeknownst to our people. The bills seek to limit the sovereignty rights of our people by recognizing Native Hawaiians as an “Indian tribe,” which would relegate “Native Hawaiians” to wardship status under the U.S. federal government and the recognition criteria under the law would set back our right to sovereignty, self-determination and the right to our land!

HSEC states that a disclaimer is placed on each ballot which reads: “The Native Hawaiian Vote does not surrender any claim against the U.S.A. or the state including but not limited to lands, historical social-economic-cultural injury, sovereignty or any right of self-determination.” But, this disclaimer does not address the true purpose of this vote! Nor does this vote seek the immediate relinquishing of our sovereignty claims, but rather it seeks to insure that our people have relinquished control over to a process approved of and controlled by the state and the federal government!

Whether our people vote “yes” or vote “no” the state and federal, government wins and we lose. It assures that the legislature framework, process and control will be maintained, and that the state has the “right” to reinstitute a new or similar process in the future. Given the track record of America, it will be used to limit the options of our people to the controlled process of the state, rather than one consistent with international law.

The state “plebiscite” and the Federal recognition bills are part of a plan to insure that OHA as the new “Native Hawaiian nation” that functions as a “gadoot” government. This is the real purpose “shake and bake” status quo political organization, in the likes of “Hui Kalai`aina,” say “you have the power to make OHA pono.”

HSEC realizes that they are supposed to comply with international law, “decoloniaztion” is mentioned in their literature, but they fail to comply with the most basic aspects of decolonization.

HSEC declares that the word “plebiscite” has been changed to “Native Hawaiian Vote.” But the

definition of the plebiscite, is “a vote of people.” This further exposes why HSEC is not “independent” from the state, and why they purposely misled our people and the general public by using the term “Native Hawaiian Vote.”

The state has a direct interest in controlling the process, approximately 95 percent of the lands under the control of the state are “ceded lands,” lands originally belonging to the Hawaiian Kingdom that are supposed to be returned to our people. For this reason our honorable legislative bozos waived the conflicts of interests law, even though our people largely remain uninformed of the nature and consequence of this vote.

The state “plebiscite/Native Hawaiian Vote” is being led by HSEC “gadoots,” and is consistent with the practice and policy of the U.S. government to promote “plebiscites,” and variously named elections and votes in countries around the world which purport to be “fair, open and democratic.” These elections, however are strategically designed to result in an outcome favorable to the U.S. government's political, economic and military interest!

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