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Malaki - March 1997 Volume 3 Issue 2

Mrs. Portland International

Sandra Lee Herder

Sandra Lee Herder of Portland, Oregon was crowned Mrs. Portland on December 1, 1996. Sandy came to Portland in 1986 from Honolulu, Hawaii to attend the University of Portland. She graduated from the University of Portland in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and an Early Childhood Certificate. She works at Woodlawn Elementary School which is part of the Portland Public School District. Sandy has taught in the primary grades for over six years. This year she is teaching 26 kindergartners.

Sandy has been married for seven years to her husband Robert M. Herder and together they share their two sons Hayden Vaughn 5 years and Eldon Warren 2 years.

Less than a year ago Sandy was in an automobile accident on the Fremont bridge which is on Interstate - 5 traveling to N.E. Portland on her way to work. "I suffered a large laceration down my forehead across both eyes and a nick out of my left nostril. It was hard at first especially since my right eyebrow could no move up or down, all my eyelashes and eyebrow of my left eye were missing, I wore a hat for the first month to hide my large scabs and glass cuts." She says the issue and platform she will speak on throughout the year is a positive attitude. "Living through the experience of an automobile accident that required over 100 stitches to my face, I have much to share with a strong testimony."

Sandra will be competing in the Mrs. Oregon International pageant in Eugene, Oregon this coming May. The Mrs. International pageant is a non-exploitative pageant for women 24-56 years of age. Contestants are judged on 50% Interview, 25% in Aerobic competition, and 25% in Evening competition.

If you wish to contact Sandra Herder for an interview or appearances, call the state’s office at (541) 345-3143 and ask for Dee Dee Brant, State Director. Throughout her year as Mrs. Portland, she will be available to assist functions free of charge.

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