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Mei-May 1996 Volume 2 Issue 5

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The Hawaiian Journal Of History - vol. 29 1995

Hawaiian Historical Society

The 29th volume of The Hawaiian Journal of History was published in December of 1995 and is a compilation of articles and book reviews. Members of the Hawaiian Historical Society receive the Journal free of charge. For others the price is $12.00. This edition is of particular interest to Northwesterners as the lead article, New Land, New Lives, is a history of those Hawaiians who intermarried with Native Americans and settled in British Columbia in the nineteenth century. This is all the more timely because of the recent voyage north of the Hawai'iloa and the resurgence of interaction between the two cultures.

The Journal also includes articles such as Winslow Upton’s 1883 trip to Kilauea, and an exploration of the historical holidays in Hawai'i. Books reviewed include Voyage of Rediscovery by Ben Finney, and Manoa: The Story of a Valley by Manoa Val1ey residents.

This is a scholarly journal, yet one with a broad and interesting selection of articles which are, quite frankly, .easy to read. I am impressed enough with the articles and reviews to seriously consider membership in the Society ($30.00 a year for regular members).


Who Runs The University?

David Yount
University of Hawai'i Press

Who Runs the University? was written by a professor of physics at the University of Hawai'i who began his tenure in 1969 and held positions as department chair in physics and astronomy, acting vice president for academic affairs, and Vice President for Research and Graduate Education. He was uniquely in the position as both an academic and an administrator at the University during a time of change and controversy. Although this book discusses the events . at one specific school, it can also be read as a study of higher education in general. The question is: who does run our universities? Academic leadership? the Board of Regents? or the politicians? Using his first hand knowledge as well as thousands of documents, Dr. Yount tells the story of the events at the University of Hawai'i from 1985 - 1992 (Albert J. Simone's administration). He does this almost as a detective story with events and personalities in high relief. I found the section on Haunani-Kay Trask particularly interesting since I had already read her own accounting of the events in her book, From a Native Daughter. It was fun to compare the two. The book is of interest not only to people associated with the University of Hawai'i, but also to anyone with an interest in Hawai'i or even academia in general. Who does run the Universities? Politicians.

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