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Nowemapa/Kekemapa - November/December 1996 Volume 2 Issue 11

 Loa`a Ka `Aina Ho`opulapula:

Applying for Hawaiian Home Lands

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) announced the completion of Loa`a Ka `Aina Ho`opulapula: Applying for Hawaiian Home Lands, an informational booklet on DHHL's application process. The booklet and its companion video presentation were produced to assist all new and prospective applicants. “These resources have been designed to make an applicant's entry into the program as smooth as possible and will allow us to provide more effective service to our beneficiaries,” explained Hawaiian Homes Commission Chairman Kali Watson.

Booklets are available at DHHL's Applications Branch in Honolulu and neighbor island district offices, the Honolulu and neighbor island offices of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and Alu Like, Inc., all state libraries and the state Department of Health in Honolulu.

The video will soon be available for viewing at all DHHL district offices and will also be in general circulation at selected state libraries.

In addition, the video program will be shown on these public access channels:

`Olelo (O`ahu), Na Leo `O Hawaii: channel 4 (East Hawaii) and channel 6 (West Hawaii), Ho`ike: channel 12 (Kaua`i), and (Maui's) Akaku: channel 50 (Lahaina only) and channel 13. (Please check your local listings as dates and times will vary.)

“The Hawaiian home lands program provides native Hawaiians with several benefits that we hope will assist them for generations to come. We encourage all qualified native Hawaiians to apply,” urged Watson.

DHHL District Office Phone Numbers and Street Addresses

O`ahu, Applications Branch:
335 Merchant St. Rm 351
ph: 586-3830
3060 Eiwa St Rm 203
ph: 274-3131
East Hawaii:
160 Baker Avenue
ph: 935-5575
Pu`uone Plaza Rm C-206
1063 East Main St
ph: 243-5248
West Hawaii:
Mamalahoa Highway
ph: 885-7091

For large requests, please call or write to DHHL's Information and Community Relation Office at:

P.O. Box 1879
Honolulu, Hawaii 96805

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