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Nowemapa/Kekemapa - November/December 1996 Volume 2 Issue 11


Something exciting is happening right here in the Pacific Northwest: a consortium is being born. Not just any old consortium, but one made up of the major Hawaiian and Polynesian clubs and organizations in the Greater Seattle area. This has never happened before, but now is the time.

Groups such as the Waikinikona Hawaiian Club, Na Lei O Manu`akepa, Halau Hula Pulamahiaikalikolehua, Halau Kamakahiwaokalani, Halau Hula `O Napualani, Ke Liko A`e O Lei Lehua to name a few are banding together to form Hale Halawai O Hawai`i Resource Center. For the first time in this area, anyone wishing information on any Polynesian related topic can call one number and access the right people.

Classes will be offered at the center in language and the different arts of making instruments, baskets, skirts and traditional costumes. Visiting artists will give workshops in theatre arts such as dance and music. Different community events will be held such as kanikapila (Hawaiian jam sessions) flea markets, lectures, films, etc.

For more information on the center, and how you can help to contribute to making of this historical event of “HALE HALAWAI O HAWAI`I”, call or write to any of the Board of Trustees:

Hale Halawai O Hawai`i
605 South Riverside Dr.
Seattle, WA 98108
ph: 206-763-4335

The Board of Trustees:

Larry Kamahele Treasurer / Waikinikona Hawaiian Club
`Iwalani Christian Kumu Hula / Na Lei O Manu`akepa
Moodette Ka`apana Kumu Hula / Halau Hula Pulamahiaikalikolehua
Reider Smith President / Waikinikona Hawaiian Club
Onie Rendall Kumu Hula / Halau Kamakahiwaokalani
Gloria Fujii Kumu Hula / Halau Hula O Napualani
Claire Cortez Kumu Hula / Ke Liko A`e O Lei Lehua

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