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Nowemapa/Kekemapa - November/December 1996 Volume 2 Issue 11

Na Mamo: Hawaiian People Today

by Jay Hartwell

`Ai Pohaku Press, Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu Publisher `Ai Pohaku Press today announced the publication of its latest book--Na Mamo: Hawaiian People Today.

The 248-page non-fiction book by journalist Jay Hartwell offers readers a chance to meet Hawaiians who practice and perpetuate Hawaiian traditions while living in a Western world. The book includes profiles of a taro farmer, hula teacher, musician, canoe coach, surfer, craftsman, healer, priest, linguist, and an advocate of pono (righteous) living.

Hawaiian People Today also features 60 photographs by award-winning Hawaiian photographer Anne K. Landgraf, and it is being released in conjunction with a Bishop Museum exhibit of Landgraf's photos from the book that runs through December 5 at Lahaina Cannery Mall on the island of Maui. The exhibit will travel to other islands in 1997.

Maile Meyer, `Ai Pohaku's co-founder, said Hawaiian People Today is an important book that arrives at an important for the people of Hawai`i, especially the Hawaiian people. “Na Mamo is a celebration of what it means to be Hawaiian today. In September and October more teams than ever raced in the Moloka`i-to-O`ahu canoe races. The cultivation of taro is being celebrated in November at a Big Island festival. The return of the ancient Hawaiian god Lono will be honored with ceremonies in December. Every month, every week, every day, Hawaiian people are living their lives as Hawaiians while also meeting the demands of the Western World.”

Meyer said in conjunction with the book's release, author Jay Hartwell will be traveling around the state to sign books, share what he has learned, and to encourage all of the state's people to discover for themselves what it means to be Hawaiian today.

To learn more about Hartwell's Book, Meyer encourages Mainland residents to visit the Hawaiian People Today website at

`Ai Pohaku Press also if offering Na Mamo: Hawaiian People Today at a special, pre-sale price of $18.95. This offer is good until November 10, 1996 for Hawai`i residents and December 31, 1996 for Mainland residents. After these dates, the price will be $#22.95. If you are ordering more than four books, the pre-sale price drops even further.

Books may be picked up at Native Books; new office in Honolulu or they can be mailed to you first class for an additional charge of $3 a book and $1 for each additional book.

For more information, please call `Ai Pohaku Press distributor--Native Books at 808-845-8949. The toll-free number for Mainland and Neighbor Island residents is 1-800-887-7751.

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