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Hale Pai
Pacific American-News Journal

Nowemapa/Kekemapa - November/December 1996 Volume 2 Issue 11


Island History from the Pages of Honolulu Magazine

Edited by Bob Dye, Published in 1996 by the University of Hawai`i Press.

This is a fascinating book introducing one to the beginnings of our beautiful Hawaiian Islands with an article on the “Volcanic Origins” and another introducing the reader to this “Land of Gods”.

There are sections on “Explorers and Exploiters” in which Herb Kawainui Kane suggests the Spanish were the first European discoverers of Hawai`i, “Travelers and Their Tales” of such as Mark Twain, Jack London and Robert Louis Stevenson; “Places, People, and Prejudice”, articles written with such feeling and understanding one can't escape experiencing pain when reading of the stone-eating song, Koolau, his wife, Piilani and their son, Kaleimanu.

The book ends with articles about “Pearl Harbor and war in the Pacific”. There is much anguish here also as the reader is reminded of the injustices not only for the Japanese but also the Germans and Italians.

There is a certain intimacy in the writing of the stories of Hawai`i's past that is very warm and elicits and even greater sense of aloha for the Islands than this reader had before. Great reading on these “chilly” Mainland evenings.

Book review by Rev. Virginia Teibel

Lacey, Washington

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