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Nowemapa/Kekemapa - November/December 1996 Volume 2 Issue 11

Top Samoan athletes in the world will congregate in Hawaii-1997

SAMOA INTERNATIONAL will host the second annual Samoa International Sports Awards Banquet in Honolulu, Hawaii on Friday January 31, 1997 to honor and celebrate Samoan Athletes in the USA and around the world. Samoan athletes (some of the best in the world) in sports such as football, volleyball, boxing, diving, sumo, basketball, rugby, weightlifting, strongman, tennis, cricket, baseball, Fautasi will be honored.

The banquet will honor in particular this year’s Samoa International College and high school annual "All Samoan Football Stars" selected from the best football players of Samoan ancestry in high schools and colleges in the US and American Samoa.

While professional and world renown Samoan athletes may capture the attention of the evening; "The emphasis of the event is to focus attention on student athletes in high schools and colleges, because we want to give a clear message to every young Samoan that excellence in sports and education are important values in the Samoan culture and the Samoan people", said Jesse Sapolu, Chairman of awards ceremony and legendary San Francisco 49ers center.

The banquet will start with the traditional Samoan "Ava" conducted by chiefs and orators from Samoa, with Bertha Samoa, the 1996-97 Miss Samoa-USA, as the "Taupou".

Last year, the late Al Lolotai (Washington Redskin, 1945) and Charles Ane Sr. (Detroit Lions, 1953) the first Samoans to play in the NFL and Neff Maiava (Wrestling) were honored as the first recipients of the Samoa International Sports Legend Award. The award, given to retired Samoan athletes, recognizes their talents, pioneering achievements, and an enduring legacy of excellence for all Samoans.

Samoa International will announce the four recipients of the Samoa International Sports Legends Award in November, 1996.

Samoa International Sports Awards would like to thank and acknowledge the following sponsors for making the first annual Award a huge success - Outrigger Hotels; Tihati Productions Inc; Polynesians Airlines (Western Samoa); Bank of Hawaii; Al Pikelny Inc. 7-Eleven Franchise (Seattle, WA); E`ola Products (Utah); McStarlite Co. (CA); Royal Pacific Express (CA); Tamashiro Market; TV-Samoa; Budget Rental Car; Pacific Mazda Subaru; Jesse Sapolu Foundation; Royal Security Guard Inc; Point After; Brians of Hawaii; Polymite Express; Samoa International Media; Taupou Productions; HIT-TV; Lumanai O Samoa Radio KNDI and Melrose Travel International (CA).

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