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Hale Pai
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`Okakopa - October 1996 Volume 2 Issue 10

 A Gift Of Aloha From Shelton, Washington To Wai`anae, Hawai`i

It is a long way from Shelton, Washington to Wai`anae, Hawaii but a gift of aloha traveled the thousands of miles between these two towns. Eleanore Lasley of Shelton donated a beautiful blue Hawaiian quilt to the Wai`anae Public Library in 1990. This true act of aloha has a long story behind it. Let us start at the beginning.

During the late 1960's, Wai`anae Public Library started a Hawaiian quilt pattern collection in order to preserve and perpetuate this cherished art. Community members donated their patterns and the collection increased to several hundred patterns. These patterns can be traced free of charge in the library. Quilters from all over the world come to Wai`anae Public Library to see and trace the patterns.

Eleanore Lasley, a frequent visitor to Hawaii, first got hooked on Hawaiian quilting when she purchased a pillow pattern kit during one of her initial visits. She learned about the extensive quilt pattern collection at the library. In 1989, she came to the library in order to trace some patterns. While she was tracing, four young local boys approached her and asked questions about what she was doing. The boys were so earnest and pleasant that Eleanore allow them to trace some patterns for her. One of the patterns, the boys traced was “Huil wai o Makana” (Wheels of love). Eleanore decide to make the quilt and donate to the library as a thank you to the boys and the community. It took Eleanore only six months to complete the quilt. She juggled working at the lumber company, quilting, and running her household. Husband Dan was a great help during this period. In 1990, during a return trip to Hawaii, Eleanore and Dan donated the lovely two-toned quilt to the library. A year later in December or 1991, the Lasleys were the guests of honor during the library's 25th anniversary celebration and the quilt was officially dedicated. If you are in Wai`anae, do stop by the library and you will see this wonderful gift of aloha in the foyer.


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