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Hale Pai
Pacific American-News Journal

`Okakopa - October 1996 Volume 2 Issue 10

 Beneficiary’s Sovereignty Insight

Dear Editor:

Plebiscite, Ceded Lands, Sovereignty. What do all these foreign words mean? You might as well say it in Hawaiian, which is understood only by less than 1% of our poorly educated brethren and sisters. Will this be another scheme to take so much from so many to make a few politicians or trustees very, very, rich? I always thought that a trustee or a politician should come from a noble breed to help us, the poor underdogs. How could they earn or even accept millions of dollars to do so little and so few noble deeds Why do they not call themselves "self enrichers" or racketeers when their huge salaries pay off their cronies and their super big pensions make Social Security and Medicare receivers paupers. Who gave them the right to get a better pension than Social Security Now what is the big vote all about I just hear on channel 11 that as a Hawaiian Sovereign I will lose my U.S. citizenship. What does that mean? Will I also lose my Social Security, Medicare, SSI and Welfare? Who will defend my family when we are aggressed and defeated by any small or big nation or even by the majority of angry people in the Islands? Will I have to pay back all the welfare benefits that were received by my family? Who will be my King? Look at the world’s royalties. Any half and quarter royalty can breed with any common person to make new Royalty or more Commoner than Royalty? How ridiculous it is, that any common act of sex makes new hapa hapa hapa Royalty which has to be supported by us, the dumb common people. So who is a Hawaiian? If you are even half Hawaiian, you are 1/2 overthrower and 1/2 overthrown, so your rights are canceled out. I am a practical person, rather than giving a trustee, politician, or other self appointed high mukamuk big bucks I would see that every full blooded Hawaiian that lived at the time of the overthrow, even the one that lived then but passed on since the overthrow, 20 Million Dollars from the Federal Government to distribute that money among their heirs and their heirs again until there is nothing left. Exclude lawyers from taking any share. Those who get nothing shall be happy too because all that unspent money will surely give a boost to the Hawaiian economy. There you have a fair plan! Show me another one that shows me the end result and not a maybe I vote.

Aloha nui loa,
Hanalei Akala


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