Next trip… destination Nepal

August has arrived and we are almost ready for the summer holidays. Our next destination of travel will be the Nepal.

As expected (almost fantozzi ano) of the holidays in August, will not be the ideal time to return in Asia: as you know from our previous trips in Sri Lanka , and Vietnam, in this period there is monsoon season in Nepal when we talk about the monsoon is not to be trifled with. I don’t know if you have read the news a couple of weeks ago.

I wanted to anticipate some of the things on our itinerary of the trip and write a good article with information on historical-cultural, full of details and expectations, but lately I’m experiencing a particularly… intense, so to say, and then find the lucidity to get myself to write in the evening is not simple.

In addition, as you might have glimpsed from the menu of the blog, I have spent time in some collaboration with other sites and travel blog, which I am very happy, for which I had to dividermi a bit between the various projects.

When you realize that you’re almost starting

Also if your travel in Nepal is the soundtrack to our evenings home for several months, the moment where I realized that we are going to start really it was only a few days ago, when I arrived at the counter of the pharmacy with a pack of recipes and they are out (literally) with a bag of drugs, antibiotics, and supplements. It seemed like the version chemistry of the anonymous alcoholics.

Here is the stack produced by the “you never know” of my doctor (every year the scene is repeated more or less the same).

Travel itinerary in Nepal

To prepare for this trip, we decided to contact a local guide that I found online sifting between the various posts of the precious forum of TripAdvisor.

As unfortunately, August is not a month suitable for trekking, we will spend our 11 days of vacation in theKathmandu valley and in the area of Pokhara. We will then visit the area where you find the villages of the tibetan refugees (close to Pokhara) and spend a night in a buddhist monastery not far from Kathmandu. I am very excited.

The preparations of the trip

Prepare the suitcase for a trip to Nepal will be quite different compared to previous years. For the first time we leave home, swimwear and beach towels (even if for just a few days, up to now few days at the beach we ran away during our travels).

We are equipped instead with a nice pair of hiking shoes , new for Luke, to test mud and downpours. And in addition to the 10 useful things to pack – fra tape, clothespins and coprizaini – add two umbrellas and a beautiful k-way pink (!) for me: I can’t wait to show off my holding pinkie under a nice flood!

Digital detox trip

In spite of the travel blog, and the apparent “need” to be present on social, even while on vacation, I think that we will try to give ourselves without hesitation to the ten days of healthy digital detox.

As you know, in general I’m not a big fan of social, much more so while we will be in Nepal I would like to dedicate myself to the journey, in the company of our guide, Anil, (which we will host in his homestay for a few days with his family), and meeting people, food, places, to our travel notes.

In an age where travel seems more like a performance of the “I was here” live moments and places, a little distance from the various Instagram and Facebook will be good for us.

It will be a moment to reach within ourselves to find the clarity in these hot weeks of the failure and made us all feel a bit overshadowed.

Happy holidays!

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