What suitcase to buy

One of the painful notes for many people about to leave: packing. Everybody is looking forward to going on holiday, but many hate to have to take care of preparing their luggage, which becomes even more problematic if you do not yet have a suitcase and you have to go and buy it. To all

Traveling alone or in groups

When the time approaches to plan a vacation, many travelers are wondering if it is better to travel alone or in a group. Both solutions have their positive and negative aspects and it is not easy to make a choice; there is no one solution better than another, since everything depends on the character of

How to read a map

The maps are a very useful tool for travelers and navigators because they show us the world around us, helping us to locate places, measure distances and locate our position. In essence , to help us get our bearings. When you go on a trip it is important to have a map of the place