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One of the painful notes for many people about to leave: packing. Everybody is looking forward to going on holiday, but many hate to have to take care of preparing their luggage, which becomes even more problematic if you do not yet have a suitcase and you have to go and buy it. To all this must be added the aspect, not negligible, of having to respect the weight and dimensions imposed by many airlines (about 15-20 kg and about 160 cm adding height, width and depth), after which you pay, and not a little.

The problem, even before having to pack a suitcase, is that of which suitcase to choose and how to navigate between the tide of available solutions: soft, rigid, semi-rigid, trolleys, backpacks, bags, etc..

The choice of the suitcase is not a negligible aspect: many people think that one suitcase is worth the other and they buy exclusively on the basis of the price, many times repenting bitterly. That’s why it’s important to know how to move in the immense panorama of products available on the market.

What suitcases do I use?

For long air journeys I use a rigid, 4-wheeled Samsonite. It’s made of plastic and it’s really huge. The four wheels are really fundamental, as I write below. For short trips by car (or rarely by train) I use a soft 2-wheeled suitcase.

The advice of an expert

Given the wide variety of suitcase options, a good idea for novice travelers is to go to a specialist store and get expert advice. This is because there is no ideal suitcase in itself, but there is a suitcase suitable for the needs of the traveler, depending on the destination, the content to be transported and of course the means of transport chosen. Travelers should be able to assess their personal needs and propose the perfect solution. But of course you can also take a look online and decide for yourself what you want to buy – and save a lot of money.

Before you buy

When you go to a specialized store, before proceeding to purchase it would be good, a bit like you do in a shoe store, try the suitcase, maybe walking and pulling it to test its stability, as well as verifying the strength of the lining, all the various locking systems, etc.. If you buy online remember that you always have the opportunity to exercise the right of withdrawal, so after you get the suitcase at home, if you do not like you can return it for free and are returned all the money.

The destination and duration of the trip

The suitcase should reflect the type of trip that you are going to face. An account is to go on a safari for two weeks, an account is to go for a weekend of work in New York. Be clear about what we take you behind is the first fundamental step to choosing the suitcase. If it’s a business trip could prove to be a better suitcase or a trolley drive with compartments that allow to maintain clothes and documents in an orderly manner. A long haul travel that includes maybe different airports in different airports may require as a fundamental prerequisite for the quality of the material, this is because the suitcase will undoubtedly be the subject of not a few manipulations and moves, almost never operated in a delicate way. For a trip to the short range and short duration better to opt for solutions, read and more compact. Usually if you are traveling by air, it is better to opt for a hard case, resistant to impact (especially if it is intended to hold), which is sufficiently large and possibly also waterproof: the employees of the airports are not known to gently handle the bags of passengers and it is not uncommon to see real throws. The trolleys are recommended for those travelling for business or for a short period of time, such as a week-end. The casters, allow you to move freely at the airports and in the cities. Having to board a trolley as hand baggage, however, make sure to purchase a model that respects the measures imposed by the airlines.

The rules of the airlines

Most of the airlines, especially low cost, apply strict rules on baggage transportation and allow you to bring in the cabin (and free) only hand luggage, provided that falls within the weight and size established from the company itself, exceeding the which you may have to pay a surcharge. In these cases, those who have to take on board even the large suitcases must make in advance in account the cost of luggage, because everything ends up in the hold will incur an extra fee (in the low-cost airlines). The advice is to read carefully the regulation on the luggage transport of the company with which we are going to fly, and to buy the suitcase in the function of these norms, which vary from airline to airline. The specialty retailers usually have some familiarity with these standards, then, once again, the advice is to rely on the advice of an expert in the field.

Wheels or no?

There are suitcases on 2 wheels, 4 wheels or even four pairs of wheels: in the case of the two wheels, they are usually collected and therefore less exposed to shocks, while the four wheels are more comfortable if you travel long distances on foot. Still, if from one side the four wheels allow to push the suitcase without having begun pulling it (provided that you stay on a flat surface), and on the other the suitcases on two wheels are often more manageable as more stable during transport. Undoubtedly a suitcase or a trolley with wheels is more easily transportable, provided that you follow the flat surfaces and regular (airports, sidewalks of the city, ships, cruise etc). The situation is different if we are facing a journey in the mountains or to a destination more “adventurous”, where it would be more practical a backpack or a bag to keep in the shoulder. A solution for those who want to have your hands free when moving and do not have to carry much weight, are so-called backpack trolley.

The weight

Always in the light of the rules applied by the airlines regarding baggage weight plays a key role in allowing you to not incur any additional fees when you exceed the baggage allowance. The suitcases of the latest generation are manufactured with materials extremely cutting edge (such as polycarbonate), which combines durability with lightness, though of course they tend to cost more.

The size

Generally, cases are classified on the basis of three major categories: suitcases large, medium and small.

To the first group belong the models whose dimensions are approximately 50 x 75 x 30 cm, ideal for long trips or for journeys made within the months winter, when you must lug around heavy clothing and bulky. The medium sized suitcases measuring typically 45 x 65 x 25 cm and are suitable for trips of a few days or even for long journeys in the summer months. Finally, the cases small size of approximately 40 x 55 x 20 cm and are ideal for trips of a few days.

The material

Those who decide to purchase a bag of quality knows he can count on cutting-edge materials, which allow you to combine lightness and strength. The choice of materials is to be put in relation with the one feature that it considers to be the most important or most suits your needs: aesthetics, strength, lightness, robustness etc Among the materials the so-called “rigid”, the polycarbonate it is what ensures greater lightness, elasticity and shock resistance, especially if the polycarbonate is 100% pure; if, instead, it is mixed with abs or other materials, is the weight, but you lose something in strength. Exists then the polypropylene, which guarantees excellent resistance (so as to be considered almost indestructible), but that is less light. Who needs a suitcase that can withstand even the bumps worse, you may orient you towards a product in polypropylene. In the category of suitcases semi-rigid fit of soft fabrics such as nylon and polyester, which on the one hand are waterproof, but are equipped with zippers, a weak point in humid conditions. Some well-known brands of suitcases using the so-called nylon type ballistic, that has a wear resistance up to 10 times higher than that of other tissues, but which, however, is rather heavy. The bags semi-rigid and soft they are perfect for travel train and by car, where space is limited. If, instead, we are moving in the plane, better to have them wrap from the cellophane directly at the airport so that they stay more solid and keep it open during the flight and in the various movements.

How to save

Undoubtedly the price of a suitcase almost always reflect its quality. That’s why going to the savings could prove to be a bit wise in some cases could result in seeing their luggage opened or damaged because of the shock caused during transport. Those who do not want to compromise quality but have a limited budget, it may postpone the time of purchase the sales period, during which you can save a good 20-30% on the list price, or, alternatively, buy online directly on the website of the manufacturer.

The aesthetics

One aspect that many people do not want to give up is aesthetics: the bags, in trade, offer many patterns and colors. The council, however, is to opt for a dark colour and solid color (black, grey, brown, red), which allows you to hide the best scratches, dirt and signs of wear and tear. Fantasies and written with time may become tired.

Types of suitcases

Soft suitcases

The soft suitcases, generally rectangular in shape, for the most part made of canvas or plastic, have been almost completely replaced by the models with wheels, easier to carry. Can be useful in the case of automobile travel.


Bags, cloth or plastic, cylindrical in shape, usually equipped with numerous pockets and handles or straps are available in a version with wheels. The bags proved quite practical in the travel informal a few days , and the presence of pockets makes them suitable for those who have a lot of accessories and want to be able to access it easily.


The trolleys are certainly the type of suitcase and more widespread, thanks to their practicality and maneuverability. Equipped with wheels, have a pull-out handle and adjustable to diverse heights, a detail that makes it easy to transport, even and especially if you have to travel distances on foot. Often the trolleys are equipped with various pockets for storing small items and accessories and handles non-extractable to be able to lift in the moment in which they must be kept affixed in the compartments of trains, planes and automobiles.

The trolley adapts well to most types of travel and is available in large, medium or small. Are sometimes sold in sets comprising models of all three size, together with a small beauty case matched.

Some elements to take into consideration before buying a trolley: the stability of the trolley on wheels when being transported, the good grip handle removable, the integrity of the wheels, the robustness of the hinges and the interior capacity of the suitcase.

Hard-shell suitcases

The hard suitcases are probably the most suitable for plane travellers, thanks to the fact that they are robust and resistant to all the shocks which they are exposed. In addition, the ability to maintain the clothes in an orderly manner, even when the suitcase is being tossed around. The counter can be represented by the price (quite high especially if there is based on brands of proven quality) and the weight, even if the new new generation materials (polycarbonate, polypropylene, etc.,) ensure strength and lightness at the same time.


The backpack has the advantage of being able to be comfortably carried in the shoulder, having the hands free. There are many types of backpacks, which differ in material, size and aesthetics. They range from backpacks for the mountains to the versions the more elegant, suitable for air travel, through the backpacks-trolley with wheels retractable luggage handles.

Beauty case

Also the vanity case came right in the accessories that make up a travel set, essential for transporting in an orderly cosmetics, makeup, medicine, and accessories for the cleaning of the body, avoiding that these are lost inside the case or end up littering clothes. There are various types of beauty case: hard and inserted into the pull-out handle of the trolley, or soft, available in various sizes, ideal as they take up very little space inside the case.

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